Solving burning challenges better, together.


Joining CDH innovation network is a game changer in a world where staying ahead is paramount to success. Partnering with us brings access to cutting edge tech solutions, first class tech talent, global leadership in emerging technology expertise and the right connections to get ahead.

You’ll be joining a diverse community of innovative leaders from our partnership group. Through collaboration across our extensive network, we can accelerate technological innovation and harness the commercial potential of breakthrough technologies.

Adopting a problem-led approach, and using our novel methodology for commercialisation and business growth mapping, Cremorne Digital Hub leverage the brightest talent and leading expertise in AI, Data and Cyber Security and apply these to solve pressing challenges in areas including:

  • Developing commercial savvy tech talent,
  • Driving operational efficiencies through ethical AI adoption,
  • Navigating cyber risk aligned with emerging technology,
  • Unlocking emerging technology to drive sustainability. 

Growing a globally connected digital ecosystem.


We’re on a mission to supercharge Victoria’s digital ecosystem by developing a unique partner network to achieve positive digital impact. By growing a connected global network, we aim to provide growth paths for the best and brightest founder talent to achieve their full potential. We work with a range of partners who are aligned on forging bold new ways to grow capability and commercialise high potential tech solutions.

  • Work with industry on challenges and opportunities which rapid digitisation presents, 
  • Align with Government priorities on harnessing digital innovation and developing skills, and enable global investment and talent attraction,
  • Collaborate with Universities to foster pathways for tech talent, support commercialisation pathways for innovative technologies, and harness leading expertise in areas of company challenges,
  • Work with Venture Capital to grow high potential investment opportunities and attract new investment, 
  • Foster innovation solutions to talent gaps working with Education Providers,
  • Drive innovation and increase knowledge sharing across the Tech Sector with a spotlight on Cremorne as a technology precinct,
  • Work with aligned Ecosystem Enablers to create global growth pathways for entrepreneurs.

Educational Partners

University of Melbourne, RMIT University, La Trobe University and  Kangan Institute

We have partnered across the education sector including globally significant universities and leading vocational education and training focused on the future of work.

Working with our education partners we bring expert capabilities in emerging technology, cutting edge educational offerings, and access to the best and brightest talent.

We work with the education sector to bring an industry-led approach towards growing future tech talent, building capabilities in the workforce, and providing opportunities to translate knowledge and technologies into commercial contexts.



Artesian Venture Partners

We’ve partnered with the most active early-stage venture partner in the Asia Pacific region who is well aligned with CDH on investing in digital impact. Growing investment opportunities and accessing the networks and expertise of investment partners is a core part of our proposition for scaling ventures.

Through our partnership with Artesian we offer corporate, government and industry groups a unique offering of Venture Capital as a Service which provides a full suite innovation venturing solution.


Victorian Government Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions

The Victorian Government is supporting Cremorne to become the tech innovation hub of Australia, and the world. Having this significant government partnerships brings CDH and the companies it works with access to global networks and opportunities to work aligned on the biggest investment and growth opportunities.

Leading tech businesses

REA Group, Car Group

Australia’s tech sector is a significant driver of growth and productivity, and we are working to further fuel that growth by partnering with companies who know best how to commercialise innovative tech solutions at a global scale.

Some of the biggest tech giants have established headquarters in Cremorne and we are working with these leaders to drive innovation, solve talent challenges and attract investment.

Our Strategic Partners


Cremorne Digital Hub is a company which through investment from the Victorian Government and shareholders has established a unique innovation platform which brings together corporations, academia, education, investors, and high growth companies to supercharge digital innovation and investment. Our strategic partners bring joint funding, influential global networks across public and private domains, and access to extensive capabilities, the CDH has infinite growth potential.

Get in on the action

The partners we have, and continually look for, are education providers, investors, venture capitalists, government organisations, and companies that sit around the digital ecosystem. As a collaborative CDH and these partners provide tech solutions to already existing problems. Allowing companies to carry on doing what they do best. So whether you need big tech problems solved, or some backing to help Victoria thrive in the digital space, collaborate with us.


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I believe that as an individual or business grows, there is an obligation to bring people along on the journey with you. I see an opportunity for the CDH to help with this; to shift some of the focus away from what an organisation can do for its own individual outcomes, and build some awareness of how our collective tech community can help people with less accessibility to technology and the industry driving it.
Demelza Donoghue
Cremorne has the opportunity to become a real hub for digital talent. We have a need in Australia to increase the number of people working in digital careers. The work that CDH is doing is helping bring investment to that. And at we're really passionate about being an employer for digital careers – so we see a real alignment between the two organisations.
Anthea Corridon
Executive GM, People –
The digital community in Cremorne is starting to evolve and swell in both size of organisations and the impact on our economy. There's a real opportunity to leverage collective innovation. We don't need to solve the same problems twenty times in each individual company. If we can team up with other Victorian businesses to put our collective expertise together and solve a shared challenge, that's going to benefit the whole industry.
Charisse Soutar
GM, Employee Communications and Sustainability – REA Group