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Advancing digital futures

Cremorne Digital Hub provides a unique delivery platform which brings together government, universities, corporations, investors, and entrepreneurs to supercharge digital innovation & capability. We partner across the digital sector to both leverage existing offerings and create new services and programs which seek to close market gaps. 

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Why CDH?

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How we work together

Future of work

We help companies access new knowledge and solutions that leverage technological advancements to solve problems and meet evolving needs.


We develop the digital skills required to support digital readiness to successfully work with technology.


We connect a range of audiences to create new opportunities, grow networks and customers, and build brand awareness.

I believe that as an individual or business grows, there is an obligation to bring people along on the journey with you. I see an opportunity for the CDH to help with this; to shift some of the focus away from what an organisation can do for its own individual outcomes, and build some awareness of how our collective tech community can help people with less accessibility to technology and the industry driving it.
Demelza Donoghue
Cremorne has the opportunity to become a real hub for digital talent. We have a need in Australia to increase the number of people working in digital careers. The work that CDH is doing is helping bring investment to that. And at we're really passionate about being an employer for digital careers – so we see a real alignment between the two organisations.
Anthea Corridon
Executive GM, People –
The digital community in Cremorne is starting to evolve and swell in both size of organisations and the impact on our economy. There's a real opportunity to leverage collective innovation. We don't need to solve the same problems twenty times in each individual company. If we can team up with other Victorian businesses to put our collective expertise together and solve a shared challenge, that's going to benefit the whole industry.
Charisse Soutar
GM, Employee Communications and Sustainability – REA Group