About CDH

Driving digital innovation through collaboration


Cremorne Digital Hub is here to supercharge Victoria's digital ecosystem by fostering collaboration between industry, venture capital, education, government and our most talented entrepreneurs. We're about collaboration and community, and we do this by;

  • Bringing together key stakeholders to solve industry problems,
  • Prioritising solutions with strong market potential led by commercially savvy founders,
  • Addressing global challenges and supporting international expansion, and;
  • Developing and attracting Victoria's best and brightest tech minds.

Located at 80 Balmain Street in the heart of Cremorne, our Hub HQ is the ideal place for us to bring our community stakeholders together. Here we can co-create and develop scalable solutions to the biggest industry problems. 


We're thinking big

Cremorne Digital Hub facilitates the journey of innovators and problem solvers, enabling technologists to excel, offering investors access to high-growth ventures, and creating clear career commercialisation pathways to turn great ideas into high-growth businesses.

We're committed to ambitious objectives, aiming not only to address the challenges faced by Australians but also to tackle global issues, the big stuff that matters most. This requires bold action, tapping into our partner resources and preparing our tech enterprises for the global stage.

Cremorne is set in the epicentre of Victoria's digital ecosystem situated on the edge of Melbourne - a city celebrated for fostering world-class innovators, entrepreneurs, and tech talent. Our vision is to further elevate Cremorne, transforming it into the heartbeat of digital innovation in Australia and show the world what we're capable of. 

We have all the ingredients needed to make this happen; incredible talent, a huge and collaborative ecosystem, world-class university partners and an insatiable appetite for success.

Who we're for

For great ideas to thrive in an expanding digital economy it's incredibly important for our talent to have the best possible opportunities to excel and create new digital businesses, while tackling some of industry’s and society’s biggest technical challenges. These include sustainability, cyber security and risk, AI and emerging technologies with their wide-ranging applications, and of course the support of our future and current technology leaders.

Scale-up Founders


There are others who help early stage Founders. Cremorne Digital Hub focus our collaborative ecosystem resources on helping ventures that already have some traction and revenue to really hit their strides. We unlock our extensive partner resources to make that happen for the Founders we believe in and the business they're behind. 




Talent capability building


Talented people deserve support. Technological revolution requires an exceptional innovators mindset to take root and grow. 

Commercial acumen, coupled with drive and vision. That's what we look for. 

If you are one of those exceptional people pushing the boundaries of innovation, and you have a clear vision of how to create commercial success, we want to hear from you.

International partnerships


We believe in the power of partnerships, teamwork, and diverse perspectives to drive impactful innovation. We work both here and abroad to foster cross collaboration with international innovators, to attract scaling ventures setting up shop in Cremorne and across Victoria, and to help our own scaling ventures to grow into international markets.

Corporate venturers


Every company has an innovation agenda, but getting value from internal venturing is full of difficulties. It's expensive, slow and has a high failure rate. 

Cremorne Digital Hub can help make that easier. Think of us like 'venture capital as a service'. With our partner Artesian, Australia's most active Venture Capital firm, we can take a huge part of that burden on for you, at a much lower cost to doing it yourself. 

Our Team of Thinkers


Of course, we can’t achieve any of this without the right people in the driver's seat. And we’re lucky enough to have a brilliant team driving us.


Chief Executive Officer 

Igniting the fuel of exceptional talent tackling our biggest opportunities.

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Partner Engagement & Activation Lead 

Driving impactful digital innovation through partnerships.

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Events Lead 

Expert in stakeholder engagement & project management.

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Operations Lead 

Focused on operations and projects that bring scale to tech solutions.

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Our Board


Board Chair 

Professor AI & Deputy Head of School of Computing and Information Systems (Engagement) at University of Melbourne.

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Board Member 

Founder and CEO of VERSA Connects and VERSA Agency.

AI entrepreneur.

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Board Member 

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Artesian Capital Management and Artesian Venture Partners.

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Board Member 

ASX Executive, Board Member and Advisor spanning some of Australia's biggest tech companies.

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Board Member 

Chief Executive Officer at Melbourne Chamber of Commerce.

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What we do for you...

We are industry led. We start with the industry problems, then we go and source solutions to fit through our connected digital ecosystem. 

Our  workspace is meticulously designed to foster strong connections and collaboration opportunities. Inclusive events, targeted support programs, and co-development innovation activities. These initiatives are strongly aligned with joint industry and government priorities and married with partner capabilities, focusing on:

  • Developing commercially savvy tech talent.
  • Driving real world applications and adoption of ethical AI.
  • Navigating cyber risk aligned with emerging technology.
  • Unlocking the power of emerging technology to drive sustainability.

If you're a business leader, innovator, tech startup, investor or in our incredible Cremorne community - you've come to the right place.


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Our Partners


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